The 2016 Bakery World Cup


12 national teams will defend their country's flag at the 2016 Bakery World Cup: 9 of them won their place during the last round of the Louis Lesaffre Cup and the other 3 qualified directly by winning the 2012 Bakery World Cup.

Discover who are the 12 talented teams, the 36 enthusiastic contestants and their running order:


The members of the Jury, as selected by Christian VABRET (President of Honour and Creator of the Bakery World Cup) bring their own expertise and sensitivity to the contest and contribute to further its excellence. This exceptional Jury is composed of 7 bakers :

President of the Jury (Ireland)

Sergio GONZALEZ (Argentina)
Haïf HAKIM (Senegal)
Sieu Luc KAO (Vietnam)
Günther KOERFFER (Sweden)
Brett NOY (Australia)
François WOLFISBERG (Switzerland)



Discover the programme of the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie 2016 :

Download the programme de la Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie



For its 9th edition, the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, that took place over 4 days during the EUROPAIN show at Paris Villepinte, brought together the 12 best teams in the world. Lesaffre, the competition’s Official Exclusive Partner, enthusiastically salutes the teams’ professionalism. They gave their all and raised this event to an exceptional level never seen before.



Among the 12 teams from the four corners of the world trying for a Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie podium place, 9 came through the Louis Lesaffre Cup international selections. Taking the top podium spot was the SOUTH KOREAN team. Selected in the Asia Pacific Louis Lesaffre Cup held in November 2015, the very last selection, they left their mark on the event. With only two months of training, and faced with some teams who had been preparing for more than two years, South Korea knew how to reinvent themselves and present an exceptional programme, which reflected their exemplary organisation and perfect mastery.



TAIWAN, who in 2012 had a third place spot on the podium, got second place this year. Although they were automatically pre-selected without having taken part in the Louis Lesaffre Cup selections, the Taiwanese were the only team to come and observe their future co-competitors during the Europe Louis Lesaffre Cup in 2015… An experience that no doubt helped them to really soak up the high level of the competition, thus opening the way for them to win their silver medal!



Finally FRANCE, crowned in 2008 but absent from the podium in 2012, were once again winners with third place. Dynamic and ultra-motivated, the team selected during the Europe Louis Lesaffre Cup proved the system works by progressing with panache in their training, and producing impeccable results… A well-deserved and encouraging bronze medal!

So, it is with respect and pride that Lesaffre applauds the work from all the teams who represent their profession with art and passion.
The date is now set for the individual world challenges at the 2018 Bakery Masters during the next EUROPAIN show in Paris…

Download the Lesaffre press release: All-round excellence at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie
Download the World Bakery press release: The team from South Korea: World Bakery Champion