USA Team

The American Way of Life as seen through baking

On the 7th March, 2012, Team USA climbed onto the 2nd step of the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie winner’s podium. Fuelled by their passion and the desire to make their country proud, they knew how to mix pleasure and business to seduce the jury members.

What made your healthy bread so special?

This product was key to highlighting new trends. It’s our duty as bakers to offer customers nutritionally-balanced products. In addition to its ‘healthy’ aspect, I wanted to create an organic bread:

I used as many local products as possible.”

Among others, I used Californian flour, made from stone-milled wheat. Through this eco approach, I sought to highlight the importance of sustaining local producers, in order to benefit our economy. <br/>Michael Zakowski (Bread category)

Why choose pineapple as your original ingredient?

It’s a very personal choice. Basically, I love sunshine and tropical fruit. If I could, I’d be in Hawaii most of the time! Pineapple has a refreshing taste that cuts through other flavours in the most agreeable way. And, I just love pineapple! <br/>Jeremey Gadouas (Pastries category)

How have you shown “The American Way of Life” through your artistic piece?

This expression of the American Dream is the translation of the symbolism it confers, that of being the land of opportunities. It was a challenge for me. I had to choose pages from America’s history to express this single idea. First, I chose to represent how the West was won. This episode evokes a dream of freedom that I particularly admire. And finally, I harked back to the construction of the first railway. The Americans started from the east and west coasts and met in the middle.

« It was a strong symbol of unification, desire, perseverance… but mostly, it symbolised the way to our dreams! »

Harry Peemoeller (Artistic piece category)