United States Team

Winners of the America Zone International Selection Rounds IBIE - 26th to 29th September 2010

After nearly a year of training (individually and as a team), the US team approached the competition with confidence and serenity. Traditionally qualified for the World Cup, the challenge was enormous: to win the Louis Lesaffre Cup in order to guarantee a place in the Bakery World Cup. After 8 testing hours, the three candidates looked tired but satisfied with their work: "We have done our very best!"


"The competition has helped me to improve my standards. With bread, the training is endless, you're always learning."

Says Mike Zakowsky, the Bread candidate in the US team.


Jeremy Gadouas, the team's Viennese Pastry specialist.

"I practised again and again… If I had to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate, it was great!"


"With the artistic piece, I wanted to show the art of making bread through symbols of America: work (the framework), progress (mechanisms), freedom (the Declaration of Independence), success (the open flowers)."

Explains Harry Peemoeller, responsible for the Artistic Piece.


It was their team spirit, their skills and their great capacity for invention that won over the jury members during this selection round. So we will see them again in the finals when the Bakery World Cup competition is held at the Europain Show from 3rd to 7th March 2012.


Lesaffre, the worldwide leader in baking yeasts, has a century plus commitment to and affiliation with bakers. Lesaffre goes beyond its role as a key supplier of yeast and bakery ingredients to constantly and uniquely expand its support of the baking profession and bread products. The Louis Lesaffre Cup is one more expression of the bond Lesaffre has formed with its baking partners (federations, associations, journalist, schools,….) to improve the quality of bread, and to spread the positive image of bread as the “staff of life” around the world.

John N. Riesch

President Lesaffre Yeast Corporation and Red Star Yeast Company LLC