Tabourel Yann

jury member for the Louis Lesaffre Cup international selection round in ASIA

Why did you agree to be a member of the Louis Lesaffre Cup jury?

When I was asked if I wanted to be a member of the jury for the Louis Lesaffre Cup round in Asia, I was so pleased, as one of the duties in the MOF charter is to help promote bakery all over the world… what better opportunity could I have to put this into practice?


What do you think is the special feature of the Louis Lesaffre Cup?


It’s a competition that highlights cultural differences and that brings together under a shared ideal the promotion of bakery worldwide. It enables bakery to transcend borders, to raise people’s awareness of bread and to increase its consumption abroad. A great opportunity to ensure the heritage of our ancestors is passed down. Moreover,


it’s a team competition, based on the notion of sharing and exchanging, which encourages a genuine competitive spirit, … a real apprenticeship.


As a member of the jury for the Asian selection round, you were judging teams from countries a very long way from your country of origin, France…


Yes, but I realised that in the various teams’ productions, you could discern highly advanced techniques and expertise of French or European origin… the coaches’ influence is very evident at this level. On the other hand, you also discover products with strong links to a national region, which is very interesting.

As regards the level,


on the one side, you have the experienced competitors, with a very high level of performance, intensively trained, very forthright and talented, and on the other, the emergent countries which are making rapid progress and getting organised to contest the leaders’ supremacy.


During the competition, you were able to observe the teams in action. What was your opinion of the atmosphere? Do you have any anecdotes to tell us?

Competitions that take place in front of the public have a wonderful atmosphere and are good for promoting our business. In China, the enthusiasm for the Vietnamese team was louder than that for the local team, as the Chinese are naturally very reserved. I really loved the atmosphere within the teams, as well as between the teams… very ‘’fair-play’’. This competition is a fine human and professional adventure.p>


I also noted a great deal of respect for the jury.

It’s not really an anecdote, but I was a bit frustrated that the language barrier prevented me from telling some teams how good I thought their work w