Swinnen Benny

2014 Bakery Masters jury President

Benny SWINNEN has already played a part several times in the Louis Lesaffre Cup – Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie – Bakery Masters competition cycle. He made his first appearance during the 2003 Louis Lesaffre Cup, when he coached the Belgian team. Still fired with the same enthusiasm, since then he has been a regular “presence” at these competitions, latterly taking on with gusto the role of 2014 Bakery Masters jury President.  His view of the 2014 Masters is just like his personality – passionate!  

This is how he sums it up, :

« It’s magnificent! It’s extraordinary! It is without doubt a competition at the highest level. It is clear to see that that the standards for all participants have risen sharply and that the candidates are all thoroughly committed to doing their very best. Being in the jury, we share intense moments with other jury members and the candidates. And although the latter are competitors, there is a real camaraderie and in the end lifelong friendships are forged. »