Racinet Antonin

A young man to watch

Antonin Racinet has just found out that he will have the honour of being the French team’s Young Bakery Hopeful for this fourth edition.

“When I was asked to be the Young Hopeful, I was very surprised – and delighted. I cannot wait to begin this incredible adventure alongside the French team!” 

Originally from Lower Normandy, this passionate, driven young man with an inquiring mind has everything it takes to be a formidable competitor. At 18 years old, he can already be proud of his journey.

A 2013 MJB (Best Young Baker) winner, he has a professional BAC and a CAP Boulanger (Bakery NVQ Level 1) from the Caen Ecole de Boulangerie (Bakery College). Since graduating, he has worked in Paris under the tutelage of Frédéric Lalos (elected Meilleur Ouvrier de France Boulangerie in 1997) as part of his first year of professional apprenticeship. For him, taking part in the Louis Lesaffre Cup will be a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and learn new methods and techniques from the coach and the French team. In February 2015, he will meet the team for the first time, at a training session in Aurillac.