Manach Stéphane

The French team is ready to work hard alongside their coach, Stéphane Manach

It is the first time that Stéphane Manach has taken part in a baking competition and been the coach. However, he already has the makings of a good trainer, ready to give the maximum to take the French team as far as possible.

“Even if I have to work hard, I take great pleasure in what I do”

Rigorous, optimistic and determined, this bread making expert, originally from Brittany, is confident of France’s chances: “It is a good team that has already bonded well, is ready to work hard and is conscious of what is at stake in the Louis Lesaffre Cup”. Stéphane, who joined Lesaffre France in April 2013, is grateful to have the chance to experience such an opportunity at this stage.

“Even if I have to work hard, I take great pleasure in what I do. I make sure that no two training sessions are the same. Each time, I come up with new ideas to get the messages across to my team and I think that they like that.”

Stéphane seems to have lots of tricks up his sleeve to lead his team’s training sessions and is making especially good use of the coach’s guide:

“To construct the training stages, I drew inspiration from the Coach’s Guide put together jointly by the Louis Lesaffre Cup organising team and the three renowned coaches Mario Fortin, Haïf Hakim and Pierre Zimmermann. This amazing training tool is full of real competition experiences and offers both points of reference and good ideas to guide my team”.