Goudjil Abdelkader

Bakery Masters 2010 - Candidate Viennese Pastry Category - Algéria

From a very early age, he worked after school with his father, a baker. After getting a biology degree, he returned to his home town and worked in the family company, where he was especially involved in pâtisserie and Viennese pastry making.

"This job is in my blood" he says, to explain this return to his roots. Highly involved in his business, he is also a member of the board of the Chamber of Trade and Crafts in his town, Mostaganem.

I have a very strong feeling of belonging to the family of bakers, which increases my delight in taking part in an event like this.

Through very hard work, he favours quality over quantity in his baking and today has an excellent reputation with his customers.

Chosen by the jury for the best mark obtained in Viennese Pastry during the final qualifying rounds for the Louis Lesaffre Cup in 2007, he trained long and hard for the Bakery Masters.

One of the difficulties in the Bakery Masters is the qualitative difference in the raw materials compared to the ones he finds in Algeria. The flour, for instance, is very different, so he had to adjust his recipes at the last moment. Used to making his Viennese pastries with margarine, he found he had butter available.

My greatest motivation is above all to take part, and to make contacts, ahead of winning.

An anecdote: anxious not to overload himself for the journey, Abdelkader had planned to buy some of his ingredients on the spot. Luckily, he had the good sense to taste the orange blossom water bought here, far more concentrated than the sort he uses in Algeria. He therefore halved the quantity to be incorporated. Without this lucky initiative, his Viennese pastry would have had a very bitter taste which the jury would certainly not have enjoy