Debersee Christophe

Bakery Masters 2010 - Candidate Artistic Piece - France

Passionate about his work, Christophe DEBERSEE wanted to become a bakery instructor. He obtained his baker's CAP (vocational training certificate) in 1998. 10 years later, he won the Bakery World Cup. To achieve this, he explored different pastry-making techniques. He explains that "The Artistic Piece is a skill that blends artistic spirit and the different pastry-making techniques".

It was like taking a controlled risk: the best way of learning how to improvise and adapt during the competition.

During his preparation for the Bakery Masters, he read the regulations very carefully to ensure he would stay on the right track and not make any mistakes. He focused on the materials that he would use to construct his piece. Overall, this piece represented 1 year of daily work. In order to improve his ability to adapt to a new working environment, during the preparation period he changed training premises several times.

Satisfied with his performance, Christophe proposed an original piece blending modernity and aesthetics on the theme of the Fête de la musique (music festival). He produced a modern/classical contrast strongly representative of the evolution of music. In his view, "it was a real challenge to be able to symbolise this evolution. It was also a risky wager as it was not going to appeal to everyone."