Competition testimonials

Racinet Antonin

A young man to watch

“When I was asked to be the Young Hopeful, I was very surprised – and delighted. I cannot wait to begin this incredible adventure alongside the French team!”

Musialowski  Yves

A juror’s eye view from Poland

“Unfortunately, I have never been a candidate in a baking competition, I would have loved to have been.”

Diabagate Aboudramane

A coach full of ambition

“To show young Ivorians that bakery is a profession of the future”

Manach Stéphane

The French team is ready to work hard alongside their coach, Stéphane Manach

“Even if I have to work hard, I take great pleasure in what I do”

Vabret Christian

Honorary president for the competition cycle

“To bring together, to showcase, to share”

Swinnen Benny

2014 Bakery Masters jury President

It’s magnificent! It’s extraordinary! It is without doubt a competition at the highest level....

USA Team

The American Way of Life as seen through baking

Fuelled by their passion and the desire to make their country proud, they knew how to mix pleasure and business to seduce the jury members.

Debail Nadine

Leader of the Louis Lesaffre Cup project Member of the 2012 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie Organising Committee

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Debersee Christophe

Former Louis Lesaffre Cup candidate, in just a few years he has become a world-renowned expert in bakery showpieces.

You will be stunned by the Artistic pieces!

Tabourel Yann

jury member for the Louis Lesaffre Cup international selection round in ASIA

MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in bakery, Yann agreed to be a jury member for International selection round in ASIA.

Hakim Haïf

The coach for Senegal, the winning team in the Louis Lesaffre Cup Africa Mediterranean international selection round

The Senegal team will be up to the challenge!

Szydlowski Andrzej

Jury member for the Louis Lesaffre Cup Africa Mediterranean zone International selection round.

In 2009 I was awarded the Diploma and the Statuette of "Honourable Polish Baker"...

United States Team

Winners of the America Zone International Selection Rounds IBIE - 26th to 29th September 2010

The competition has helped me to improve my standards. With bread, the training is endless, you're always learning.

The Peru Team

Winners of the America Zone International Selection Rounds IBIE - 26th to 29th September 2010

In addition to international products, our aim was to propose cereal-based products typical of Peru...

Debersee Christophe

Bakery Masters 2010 - Candidate Artistic Piece - France

The Artistic Piece is a skill that blends artistic spirit and the different pastry-making techniques

Goudjil Abdelkader

Bakery Masters 2010 - Candidate Viennese Pastry Category - Algéria

My greatest motivation is above all to take part, and to make contacts, ahead of winning

Zimmermann Pierre

Coach for the French team 2008

A renowned coach reveals his secrets

Jonckheere Geert


The practice rounds have already helped me to make positive progress!

Fortin Mario

Bakery consultant.

The Cup gives us the opportunity to ensure that our fine bakery tradition is enhanced and acknowledged.