The national selection of Uruguay

The candidates

Ángel Enrique SOSA DOS SANTOS, Baguette and World Breads
Diego Ademar MARTÍNEZ MULATTIERI, Viennese Pastries and
Gastronomic Bread Making
Israel Andrés ZELAYES SEGOVIA, Artistic Piece




The coach Hugo Tihista is a bread technician since 1995, trained at Primera Escuela de Panificación in Uruguay and in la Escuela de panadería in Madrid. He made training courses in Bakery from 2004 to 2012 at the Catholic University of Uruguay. Today, he is director of the Instituto Tecnológico del Pan - the Centro de Industriales Panaderos Uruguay.

The Young Bakery Hopeful









The national selection

The national selection of the Uruguay team took place from the 10th to 12th of March at the «Centro de Industriales Panaderos del Uruguay (CIPU)». The candidates have been selected by a jury who took as a basis the evaluation criterias presented in the specialities rules 2014-2015 given by the organization of the Louis Lesaffre Cup.