The national selection in Serbia

The candidates

The three candidates
Naser Idrizovic: Baguettes & World Breads
Ljubomir Pavlovic: Viennese pastries and gastronomic bread making
Dalibor Cvejic: Artistic piece

Cveta Jovic, Coach

The Young Bakery Hopeful

Filip Ribac

The national selection

It will be Serbia’s first participation to the Louis Lesaffre Cup. To select its candidates, Lesaffre Serbia did not hesitate to judge the candidates through specific criterias such as: the numbers of products created in a limited time, the weight of the final product, the physical appearance and the behavior of the candidate. To achieve the level of excellence of the competition, the team has been training really hard with its coach, Cveta Jovic. The atmosphere inside the team is very good, each candidate is professional, creative and give the best he can. Its gastronomy influenced by the Mediterranean and Eastern countries, we can expect atypical creations from Serbia, with a taste of spices and dried fruits…