The national selection Poland

For its fourth participation to this International Bakery Competition, Poland set the bar high to select its team… A meeting was organized in three days and was welcomed by many professionals in the bakery trade: Polish team is now formed and ready for the Louis Lesaffre Cup 2014-2015!

The first challenge was met: Now it is time for intensive training!


The 3 candidates

  • Michal Starowicz
    Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making
  • Szymon Wiejak
    Baguette and World Bread
  • Przemyslaw Szwarc
    Artistic Piece





The national selection

The overall tone of the national selection in Poland was very cheerful; an event not to be forgotten by anyone privileged enough to be present. Nine finalists candidates competed during those three days of meeting (from Tuesday 28th until Thursday 30th of October) in the Baking CenterTM of Lesaffre Poland to seduce the jury and obtain a ticket for the Europe Selections of the Louis Lesaffre Cup. Michal, Szymon and Przemyslaw are the lucky winners of this selection.