The national selection in Indonesia

The candidates

Heri SAEPUL BAHRI , Baguette & World breads 
Murdiyanto, Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making  
Solihin ,  Artistic Piece

The coach 


Kosuke Mori is the son of a great Japanese cookchief. When he was young, Kosuke wanted to exercise the same profession as his father in the restaurant services, but preferred to work in bakery, a field he's been passionate for many years. He is now head baker for KOMUGI PT in Jakarta, Indonesia  

For Kosuke, the bakery in Indonesia is still not enough known. Thanks to the Louis Lesaffre Cup, he wants to show that Indonesian bakery has a future in this country and it's a great way show foreigners culture and habits of Indonesia.



The Young Bakery Hopeful


Kahfi MOH KURNIA is 19 years old. He is studying at AKPAR NHI Bandung (Tourism Academy of NHI in Bandung-Indonesia) with a major in Pastry and Bakery. He now trains with the Indonesian team to participate in the Asia Pacific Zone. His main motivation :

“I want to be a professional baker with an international level”