The national selection of Colombia

The candidates

Lucas REYES CASTRO, Baguette and World Breads
Stiven GOMEZ, Viennese Pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making
Efrain MARQUEZ, Artistic Piece


The Young Bakery Hopeful


Colombia team coach


The national selection

The final of the national selections of Colombia for the Louis Lesaffre Cup was held in Cali 17,18 and 19 March in Lesaffre Baking Center ™ Colombia. Three team members are from the city of Bogota : the candidate Baguette and World breads, the candidate Viennese pastries and the Young Bakery Hopeful. The candidate Artistic piece comes from Cali.
The coach, Emel Espinel is training the team since the beginning and teaches new techniques so that the team can improve and develop its bakery skills.The team captain is Efraín Márquez, an experienced man who was also involved in one of the editions of the Louis Lesaffre Cup in Buenos Aires. He will be responsible for guiding the team and represent it in front of the jury and the media. What a united and passionate team!