The national selection of Canada

The candidates

Marcus MARIATHAS, Baguette and World Breads
Alan DUMONCEAUX, Viennese Pastries and
Gastronomic Bread Making
James HOLEHOUSE, Artistic Piece


Canadian team coach


Marcus MARIATHAS “In 1995, I got the opportunity to join "ACE Bakery", a small artisan traditional European bakery in downtown Toronto. Over the years, I perfected my craft by traveling to many bakeries in the US and Europe, and was promoted to “Director of Product Development and Technical Services”. My passion for the artisan breads continues to grow to this day. .”

Alan DUMONCEAUX For 30 years, Alan has been ever growing his baking knowledge in the Four Seasons Hotel. For the past 14 years, he has been both teaching and continuing to evolve in his baking knowledge as an instructor and department Chair at NAIT in Edmonton. He initially took on the role to manage Baking Team Canada, but has very much enjoyed the opportunity to compete as well.

James HOLEHOUSE James discovered his passion for baking early at the age of 14. After taking his culinary arts training in Toronto, and then baking apprenticeship in Edmonton, he was introduced to the world of competitions. Between 2000 and 2010 he has competed as pastry chef for various competitions in Canada, Scotland, Luxembourg, and Germany.


The Young Bakery Hopeful