The national selection Brazil

The adventure begins for Brazil! On the 24th of October, Brazil’s team was formed under the hot sun of Rio de Janeiro. Four intensive days were necessary to select the lucky bakers that will represent their country in the competition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup. 


The candidates

Launched during the FIPAN trade show in July 2014, Brazil ended the term of its national selection. The final candidates competed under the watchful eye of 4 demanding jurors. Having as key-words talent and creativity, candidates were in a spirit of both competition and fair-play. This team will represent Brazil for the International Selections of Americas for the Louis Lesaffre Cup.



The members of the jury

  • Priscila Rezende, jury president and food engineer
  • Fatima Siston, professor of Gastronomy
  • Dalton salles, journalist
  • Fernando De Oliveira, Food Critic