The national selection in Belgium

The candidates

Olivier Penet, Baguette & World Breads 
Ruben Cools, Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making 
Jaël Verleysen, Artistic Piece


Johan Buelens
The coach 

The Young Bakery Hopeful 

Joran Defossez
Joran, 19 years old is a young Belgian student-baker.
The Louis Lesaffre Cup will be another chance to surpass himself !


“ The dough, the bread and the Viennese pastries give me the liberty to express my creativity. During the week end, I am immensely proud to work with Bart Schelstrate. With him, the know-how is an asset and this allows me to learn a lot of things. Everybody is asking me what my plans are but I still have no idea. I am young and I am still studying for my final year in baking. But one thing I know and I am sure is that I am on the right path !"