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Sourdough panettone

Italy - Typical and keeps very well thanks to the sourdough

A typical Panettone that keeps very well thanks to the sourdough. The delicious aroma of panettone requires a long pre-fermentation stage and the use of traditional, very tasty ingredients. The acid produced during fermentation is a natural preservative and an excellent flavour booster.

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Spain - Little Spanish rolls

Pinas are little rolls originally from Castro Urdiales, a Spanish town in Cantabria. They look rather like the hard Andalucian and Castilian loaves, but they are quite the opposite! Pinas are soft rolls with a very smooth, honeycombed interior..

Baking Center Lesaffre recipe

Autolysis Baguette

France - A tasty baguette thanks to autolysis

By limiting the oxidation of the dough, the autolysis process preserves the taste of the bread. The dough (flour + water) is left to stand at the end of the mixing or after being kneaded for a few minutes. This makes the dough smoother and stretchier. The other ingredients (salt, yeast) are added after autolysis.


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Fruit delight