FRANCE – Claude CASADO / Artistic Piece

Claude CASADO, the French team's Artistic Piece candidate, a bronze medal winner at the 2016 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, has a project for you. As the Christmas festivities draw closer, you can create a mini artistic piece in 4hrs, which will be perfect to decorate seasonal windows.

"Noël", French for Christmas, comes from the Latin "dies natalis" – meaning day of birthday, also called the "Nativity". It is a festival with Roman origins, celebrated each year on the evening of 24th December (Christmas Eve) and all day on the 25th December.

Before the West's Christianisation, it was a pagan festival dedicated to the birth of the solar deity Sol Invictus. In 336, the Edict of Thessalonica banned pagan worship and Christmas became exclusively Christian. Today, Christmas has become very secular. Christmas Day is a holiday in many countries and has become a time to get together with family and exchange gifts. Christmas' main events are Christmas church services, cribs, Christmas trees, lights in the streets and shops – and of course, Christmas markets.


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